Friday, July 10, 2009

Midnight Cowboy

Not the happiest movie in the world, but maybe one of the sweetest. A buddy flick with the least appealing characters ever, but maybe among the most admirable. There’s the longing for the road and the rainbow at the end, initially NYCity, then Florida. There’s the sacrifice of one buddy’s fulfilling dream for the other's dream of survival. There’s innocence and experience. There’s realization and there’s enlightenment.

And there’s Voight and Hoffman.

It was the twelfth actor-listing for Voight in IMDB...sixty-two more followed. For Hoffman it was his thirteenth...and then another fifty-two credits. Such a body of work these two guys have created since then; such a pleasure to see them work so well so early.

Memorable characters that live in lit like Huck n' Tom and Dean n' Sal.

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